Since October 2015 when Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project was announced by Google, AMP pages have continued to grow in popularity. At the beginning of 2016 AMP pages were appearing in Mobile Google search results only as ‘Top Stories’, today AMP’s are ranking in SERP’s, and are the links to sponsored and shared social content.

Malte Ubl, Tech Lead for the AMP Project at Google commented ‘Based on what we learned from AMP, we now feel ready to take the next step and work to support more instant-loading content not based on AMP technology in areas of Google Search designed for this, like the Top Stories carousel. This content will need to follow a set of future web standards and meet a set of objective performance and user experience criteria to be eligible.

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'Google’s goal is to extend support in features like the Top Stories carousel to AMP-like content that (1) meets a set of performance and user experience criteria and (2) implements a set of new web standards. Some of the proposed standards in the critical path are Feature Policy, Web Packaging, iframe promotion, Performance Timeline, and Paint Timing. Equally important, the Chrome team last year released the Chrome User Experience report. Its underlying data provides, for the first time, web-wide real world measurements for performance and user experience.’

In Texas, at the SXSW session “AMP: Do or Die?”, moderated by Michelle Robbins from Third Door Media, saw speakers debate that AMP isn't the one-stop solution. Dave McAnaly, Resolution Media, and Pete Dainty, eBay, argued for organisations to take a pragmatic approach. The evidence showed that despite the additional development costs and issues with tracking, the faster pages did improve user experience KPI’s.

At StreamAMP, we recognise that AMP provides a premium user experience but have seen the adoption plateau with publishers. This is due to the lack of commercial opportunity and trackability. Currently, publishers are rewarded with higher than average eCPM’s for supporting direct campaigns from advertisers. However, the lack of data insight and reporting for the advertiser will see a strong continued support for traditional header bidding.

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Presentations from SXSW 2018

AMP: Being an Evangelist and a Realist By Dave McAnally from Search Marketing Expo - SMX

Lessons Learned Implementing AMP on eBay By Pete Dainty from Search Marketing Expo - SMX

AMP for Enterprises By Patrick Stox from Search Marketing Expo - SMX

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