Why Tech Firms Obtain Most of the Money in Programmatic Ad Buys

Warc analyzed ad spend data from Magna Global and concluded that over $30 billion of the $63.4 billion spent on programmatic advertising worldwide last year wound up in the hands of tech vendors. Even if there was no fraud, publishers received just 40% of the dollars that advertisers pushed through programmatically, according to Warc.

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Helping Publishers Recover Lost Revenue from Ad Blocking

Last month over 4.5 million visitors who were asked to allow ads said yes. Over the coming weeks, we’re expanding Funding Choices to 31 additional countries, giving publishers the ability to ask visitors from those countries to choose between allowing ads on a site, or purchasing an ad removal pass through Google Contributor.

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What Facebook Knows

eMarketer's podcast break down what Facebook Knows and doesn't know about users.

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Facebook among tech firms to sign 'digital Geneva convention'

The signatories to the “cybersecurity tech accord”, which include Facebook, Microsoft, Arm and Trend Micro, are largely from the US and western Europe, and do not include companies from the countries seen as most responsible for the recent escalation of digital hostilities, such as Russia, North Korea and Iran.

Equally notable by their absence are Google, Apple and Amazon. None gave a reason for not signing up.

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Who Will Survive The Machine-Learning Revolution?

A recent ​Juniper Research study predicted machine-learning algorithms would generate some $42 billion in annual ad spend by 2021, up from an estimated $3.5 billion in 2016. Since algorithms will seamlessly reason in terms of total amount (media plus data) they can pay for an impression, data will have to be priced very carefully.

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Mobile Ad Spending to Surpass TV in 2018

Mobile will account for 69.9% of all digital advertising in 2018. "Advertisers are pouring dollars into mobile due to growing mobile commerce activity. Conversions from mobile display ad placements have already surpassed those of desktop," said Corey McNair, forecasting analyst and author of eMarketer's latest report.

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