Instapaper on pause in Europe to fix GDPR compliance “issue"

Instapaper joins Ragnarok Online, Well+Good and Unroll with announcing their decision to block EU residents from accessing their content. In the last minute panic US based publishers have moved from ignoring GDPR to blocking useers to avoid huge fines.

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How Publishers Are Responding to GDPR

eMarketer spoke with Richard Reeves, managing director of the UK's Association of Online Publishers, about the challenges publishers face in dealing with the new privacy rules. The regulations, he says, may be the most significant change the advertising and media sectors have faced in a generation.

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Twitter has a plan to help publishers jilted by Facebook make more money

Compared to both Google and Facebook, Twitter has been slower to adapt to programmatic advertising and doesn’t have an ad network to handle sophisticated ad buying. Up until now, Twitter’s programmatic efforts have primarily leaned on MoPub, the startup it bought for $350 million in 2013 to help mobile app publishers and advertisers manage their ad inventory.

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How Programmatic Platforms Absorb 20% of Media Ad Spend

Publishers and advertisers alike are reducing the number of programmatic platforms they use, which is putting pressure on tech vendors to reduce fees. Europe continue to report the lowest ad fee rate compared to other region areas.

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Tensions Flare Between Google and Publishers as GDPR Deadline Looms

Digital Content Next, European Publishers Council, News Media Alliance and the News Media Association, the four major trade bodies meet Google as a follow up to their criticism in April. Representing 4,000 publishers, some trade bodies refuse to attend the meetings until Google has answered the initial questions put forth in the letter dated 30 April, 2018.

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